Sugar is a bulk commodity produced from sugarcane or sugar beets. Sugarcane grows best in tropical areas whereas sugar beet is produced in temperate zones.

Once harvested, cane or beet is crushed to extract juice. This juice can be utilized to produce sugar or ethanol. In the case of sugarcane, the remaining vegetable matter (bagasse) can be burned to produce energy to run the plant and supply the local grid.

To produce sugar, the extracted juice is purified and the mixture is then dehydrated and thickened into syrup which is crystallized. The crystals are separated from the remaining liquid to produce molasses and raw sugar, which is then sent to refineries for further processing.

It is not possible to store sugarcane as it loses sugar content. As a result, raw sugar is typically processed in the growing area and exported from there.

Amorphous refined sugar: This type of sugar’s granulometry is very fine and irregular. It has excellent whiteness and is extremely hygroscopic, meaning it can absorb a great deal of water. It is mostly used for domestic consumption.

Sucrose liquid sugar: Clear, limpid, odor and flavor-free, this sugar has a 65% to 68% concentration of solids. It is obtained by refining dissolved crystal sugar in dechlorinated water, which after specific treatments, generates an ideal product for processes requiring high-purity.

Inverted sugar syrup: Clear syrup that has no turbidity, odor or flavor. It is produced through a process of controlled acid hydrolysis that uses a solution of sucrose, which results in a mixture of sucrose, glucose and fructose.

Demerara sugar: Obtained from sugarcane broth through a natural clarification process, this type of sugar features regular sugar crystals, a characteristic that makes it ideal for food processing applications that require flavors, colors and different textures.

VHP crystal sugar: Intended for foreign markets, its raw composition allows customers to transform it into different types of sugar for consumption.

ICUMSA 2000-7500 (Raw Turbinado)

This unrefined sugar has a large golden brown grain and in certain regions is also referred to as a ‘Demerara’ Sugar. It comes from pressed sugar cane which is then evaporated for the juice to form thick cane syrup. The syrup is dehydrated to form these large golden brown crystals

ICUMSA 600-1200 (Raw VHP)

A raw sugar common in Brazil, the world’s largest exporter of sugar, which has a small amout of molasses retained in the crystal. It is often exported and refined at the destination country.

ICUMSA 300-600 (Standard/Natural Sugar)

A white sugar most commonly produced in Mexico. Standard or ‘Natural’ sugar has a light golden brown grain with a subtle hint of molasses in its flavor profile. Standard can be utilized in direct food applications and is also favored by refineries around the world as a bulk feedstock thanks to its high sugar content and low re-processing costs.

ICUMSA 150 (Plantation White)

A white sugar commonly produced for local consumption in sugar cane growing countries. It is produced at the Sugar Mill without the need for additional refining of the raw sugar.

ICUMSA 45 (White refined sugar)

A highly refined white sugar product. This is the table sugar that most people use everyday and is typically sold as granulated sugar.

  • pharmaceuticals
  • jams
  • jellies
  • meats
  • chewing gum
  • dairy products
  • condiments
  • pickles
  • bakery products
  • cereals
  • liquid sugar
  • powdered sugar
  • candies
  • powdered drink mixes
  • Polypropylene bags with an insert/paper laminates, net weight of up to 50 kg
  • Soft polypropylene containers (big bags) net weight of up to 1,000 kg or as agreed with the customer
  • In Bulk

Packaging has the manufacturer’s logo and a label inserted into the seam with standard consumer information.

Shelf life: 24  months as of the manufacturing date.

Storage: in a ventilated room in the original packing at a temperature below 25°С and relative air humidity below 75%.

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