Crystalline fructose is often used as a natural sweetener for foods and beverages. It is a basic sugar that is almost entirely made up of pure fructose.The trace elements of fructose are water and sometimes minerals.

Crystalline fructose is commonly used in juices, yogurts, nutrition and energy supplement drinks, and other products as an alternative to sucrose. Crystalline fructose is derived from corn starch.

Processed corn starch naturally yields high concentrations of glucose.

If the glucose is prompted to undergo an enzymatic reaction, it is changed into fructose. Once the yield crystallizes, it becomes crystalline fructose. This is often consumed as an ingredient in a variety of food.

• High sweetness allows lower level use
• Low glycemic index (GI)
• Clean, bland flavour with no aftertaste


Appearance White crystals
Moisture 0.5% max (loss on drying)
Fructose assay 98% min
Taste Sweet
Residue on ignition (Ash) 0.1% max (conductometric)
SO2 Depends on origin

Food industry

  • Jams and canned fruits
  • Baked goods and cereals
  • Dairy desserts

Confectionery industry

  • Caramels and gums

Beverage industry

  • Fruit juices, nectars and drink concentrates
  • Diet and energy drinks

• 25 kg bags
• 50 lbs

Minimum of 24 months
after date of production,
in closed packing. Best
before expiration date
on packaging.

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